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Electric Winding Motor Assembly and Test

Sophisticated specialized robotic assembly lines represent an excellent solution for full or, if necessary, partially automated handling of intricate processes related to stator assembly. These processes include a series of highly specialized phases, including the screwing phase, which involves the correct fixation of the components, the glueing phase, where adhesive materials are meticulously applied, and the plating phase, where the stator is coated impeccably and durably before being housed within the casing. In addition to these core activities, robotic lines also seamlessly integrate tasks involving the loading and unloading of lathes, thus ensuring a continuous and uninterrupted flow in the production process. Inserting the stator into the containment case is another crucial step, requiring minimal manpower thanks to the presence of highly specialized robots. Subsequent stages include blowing operations to ensure impeccable cleanliness and optimal preparation, followed by precision seal tests and electrical tests to guarantee the quality and safety of the finished product. Finally, laser marking, is applied with extreme precision for permanent product identification. Once all these highly specialized and controlled stages are completed, the finished product is ready to be packaged and palletized on dedicated pallets, ensuring efficient internal logistics management and an optimized production flow.

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