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EV Battery Pack Assembly

SIR’s advanced specialized robotic assembly lines represent an exceptionally efficient solution for assembling batteries intended for electric motorcycles and low-production-scale electric cars. These sophisticated systems are meticulously designed to ensure flawless precision in the battery manufacturing process. In detail, the series connections, are made with extreme precision handling the electrodes inside the individual battery cells. The electrodes themselves are carefully drilled, followed by the insertion of screws, ensuring a secure and reliable assembly between the components. Taking the process a step further is the automatic insertion of an insulator between the respective battery cells, thereby contributing to the prevention of short circuits and enhancing the overall durability and safety of the batteries themselves. What makes these robotic lines even more versatile and effective is their ability to adapt to batteries with different sized modules. Thanks to swift reconfiguration capabilities, the system can be easily adjusted when switching between battery types for assembly. This means that SIR can precisely meet the specific needs of its customers and offer a high degree of flexibility in the production of batteries for electric vehicles.

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