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SIR robots operate at the service of the modern foundry industry, improving conditions in the working environment by taking care of intensive, complex operations on heavy and bulky pieces.
SIR represents the undisputed leader in robotic solutions for process applications related to metals (aluminum, cast iron, steel, brass, special alloys).
Deburring and related operations constitute some of the most complicated realizations in the robotic field, especially because of the demanded precision that requires refined mechanical and software solutions, which SIR customizes for each customer.
Thanks to adaptive tool compensation and virtual programming techniques, SIR’s solutions guarantee constant and repeatable finished quality, compensating for variations between the actual piece and the nominal model.

SIR’s robotic solutions represent a significant evolution in industrial automation, enabling the execution of complex processes in a fully automated manner. SIR’s achievements extend beyond the typical applications of robotics, encompassing robotic lines where loading and unloading activities synergistically integrate with the production processes and assembly. Furthermore, SIR redefines the concept of machine tool tending by creating multifunctional lines that adeptly combine the traditional approach with a wide range of secondary procedures.

High Production Rates

SIR manipulation systems guarantee speed and efficiency: equipped with the best industrial or collaborative robots on the market, they have specific grippers and mechanical systems, with solutions ranging from the single unit to sequential tending lines.

Universal Feeding

2D and 3D artificial vision with binpicking capability allows the use of universal feeding systems, requiring no retooling between batches, with impressive simplification of industrial logistics.

Quality Control

Using the robot as optic sensor positioner, manipulation lines can be equipped with inspection systems that can objectively assess processed product quality through surface, dimensional or assembly checks.

Functional Characteristics

  • Feeding guided by vision systems
  • Dedicated grippers
  • Functional integration
  • Automatic product inspection

Core shooters tending

Robotic unloading of the core-shooting unit and trimming solutions of the cores.
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Die Casting Units tending

Robotic unloading of die casting units, deburring solutions and cleaning solutions.
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