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SIR (Soluzioni Industriali Robotizzate) was founded in 1984 in Modena, thanks to the brilliant intuition of Luciano Passoni, honorary graduate in mechanical engineering and father of the current CEO Davide Passoni: because SIR these years, has expanded, internationalized, and established globally, until the transfer of ownership, but without ever losing its “family” soul and keeping its roots firmly in the territory, where it still maintains the headquarters.

Eng. Passoni senior desired to found a company in his homeland that combined mechanical design skills, a field in which he worked at the time, and his passion, with those of an electrical design studio and a software company: a revolutionary project for the 1980s Italy. The initiative immediately showed its potential for success, starting from a simple blank sheet of paper and a pencil; SIR designers created the first 6-axis anthropomorphic robot (Tomcat) and a range of Cartesian robots. Initially, therefore, SIR solutions also included robots manufactured in-house.

To date, SIR designs and implements robotic solutions for multiple industrial sectors, using robots from the most famous international brands (ABB, Fanuc, Kuka) to automate highly complex processes. This allows SIR to concentrate on the real challenge: integrating robots into complete, customized solutions, focusing on all other non-standard parts. But thanks to that initial business phase, in which robots in the proposed automation solutions were built from scratch, SIM’s know-how includes a deep knowledge of how robots work. An advantage that sets it apart from other competing industrial robotic integration.

SIR’sother great strength is its technical imagination, which typically involves Italian creativity of thinking outside the box and finding innovative solutions to problems that have never been solved. It is no coincidence that, after having conquered the national territory in which it still maintains its leading position in the sector, in recent years, the most prestigious multinationals have also sought out SIR from abroad – so much so that 2022 saw the percentage of export share reach 70%.

The turning point came in 1991, when Siti B&T of Formigine, the large group producing plants serving the ceramic industry, joined the board. From then on, the company grew systematically until 2015, when majority shareholder Tarozzi decided to seal the deal with the Wolong group, a global leader in electric motors with over 20,000 employees. Therefore, Wolong holds most of the shares with other minority shareholders, including WAMGROUP. The acquisition by a prestigious group specialized in multiple technical areas has led to the internationalization of SIR and its disruptive growth.

(California) and four employees hired in 2022, and an affiliate in Shangyu (China) that has reached 90 employees. Yet, the headquarters remains in Modena with 115 employees and expands both in terms of hiring and building (the expansion of the office building was approved at the beginning of the year by the Municipality). Once again, from Modena, Italian excellence has made itself known worldwide.

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