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Automation in the automotive world has always been the core business of Sir, which throughout its history has designed and built robotic lines and cells capable of covering the entire production chain of typical components for a modern car.
The industry-specific requirements imposed by the automotive sector in terms of quality repeatability, now comparable to those required in the aeronautics industry,
with extremely short cycle times and near 100% efficiency, make automotive the most demanding testing ground for modern robotics.
In this context, Sir has developed comprehensive solutions characterized by a high level of integration.
These solutions range from processing raw cast components and cores to handling them during the loading and unloading of machine tools, from finishing processes after the initial machining to final assembly operations and palletization.

SIR is specialized in creating end-of-line automation solutions for product packaging followed by robotic palletization, thereby contributing to optimizing the logistical aspects of modern industrial production. These solutions are applied across a wide range of sectors, including food, beverages, tissue, and ceramics. Furthermore, SIR also offers its expertise in less traditional sectors, such as automotive, where palletization requires unconventional packaging approaches. Moreover, SIR is progressively introducing applications of robotic intralogistics, encompassing both preparation and intermediate palletization during various stages of the production cycle within the same facility. These solutions are also applicable in non-traditional domains like the textile and medical industries.

Production Supervision

Suitable supervision software packages ensure full control of the line’s operation and the traceability of output. Programs and palletizing layouts are controlled using off-line programming techniques.

Dedicated Grippers

SIR’s vast experience in dedicated gripper design allows secure, effective handling of all types of load units, from boxes to bundles and from drums to bottles.

Smart Logistics

Robust calculation software packages combined with end-effectors with 2D and 3D vision systems open the way to the creation of heterogeneous picking systems, the keystone of more effective, customized distribution.

Functional Characteristics

  • Dedicated grippers
  • Production traceability
  • Production supervision
  • Cutting-edge picking

Palletization of automotive items

End-of-line palletizing of items from the mechanical, automotive or general industries.
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Palletization of Batteries

End-of-line palletization of automotive-type batteries using dedicated grippers.
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