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SIR designs and builds complete Electric Drive Unit assembly line, with robotic stations that cover all process phases, from the feeding of individual components to the final testing and pallettization.
SIR is specialized in robotic solutions for the assembly of electric motors of various types: in electric motors with permanent magnets, operations such as encapsulation and magnet bonding are carried out, while, for example, in those with bars, bar insertion is performed using high-precision vision systems.
In addition Sir proposessolutions for assembling electric batteries, gearboxes, induction rotors, and deburring of battery cases.
Manufacturers in the automotive and mobility sectors have also been investing in design and production processes for years that can lead to a reduction in vehicle mass, aiming for greater autonomy and to offset the significant weight imposed by the batteries.
The frame is one of the primary candidates involved in this weight reduction. The introduction of aluminum die-casting for entire semi-frame of considerable size is indeed the new milestone in construction technology. Plasma cutting with torches manipulated by robots has proven to be the most cost-effective and efficient alternative for the removal of excess material and casting channels in this case.

The SIR assembly lines in the automotive sector mainly concern the assembly of engine heads, wheel groups, engine distribution groups or turbines. In addition to this SIR has developed solutions for the welding and assembly of car and motorbike frames.
Generally this lines are capable of self-tooling for each different product code.
The robots are assisted by other accessory systems designed and produced by SIR such as Cartesian manipulators, presses, etc.

Functional Integration

We build robots and mechanisms that interact to share information and balance the workload, to assemble any type of product.

Quality and Efficiency

SIR assembly solutions deliver drastic reductions in production times with impressive increases inquality. All with efficiency over 90%.


SIR lines’ automatic retooling opens the way to randomized production and automation which leaves behind the rigidities of the past in progression to the one-piece batch.

Functional Characteristics

  • Randomized production and automatic retooling
  • Production traceability
  • Optical inspection and functional testing of the finished product

Assembly of Structural and Body Elements in Composite and Plastic Materials for Electric Vehicles

Assembly of structural and body elements by screwing and gluing.
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Electric Motor Lamellar Assembly and Test

Dedicated robotic lines for high-precision and high-speed foil assembly inside the rotor.
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Electric Winding Motor Assembly and Test

Automatic or semi-automatic dedicated robotic lines for stator assembly.
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EV Battery Pack Assembly

Semi-automatic dedicated robotic lines for batteries assembly of electric motorcycles and cars of low production.
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Permanent Magnet Electrical Assembly and Test

Assembly and encapsulation of the magnets inside the rotor.
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