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Automation in the automotive world has always been the core business of Sir, which throughout its history has designed and built robotic lines and cells capable of covering the entire production chain of typical components for a modern car.
The industry-specific requirements imposed by the automotive sector in terms of quality repeatability, now comparable to those required in the aeronautics industry,
with extremely short cycle times and near 100% efficiency, make automotive the most demanding testing ground for modern robotics.
In this context, Sir has developed comprehensive solutions characterized by a high level of integration.
These solutions range from processing raw cast components and cores to handling them during the loading and unloading of machine tools, from finishing processes after the initial machining to final assembly operations and palletization.

Raw material processing made with robots entails the use of different working configurations: the first one involves components on board of the robots and tools positioned statically or generally outside of the robot itself. In this scenario, SIR has developed a patented solution known as “”Modulo.””
This solution entails the tools being positioned on a rotating station controlled by the robot, with two different typesetting for aluminum or cast iron applications
This approach is aimed at optimizing the efficiency and quality of the machining paths.
The second configuration elements involves in fixed position, with tools mounted directly on the robot.
Both of these configurations offer significant flexibility and allow SIR to tailor the ideal solution to meet the specific needs of its customers, while simultaneously ensuring high-performance outcomes and enhanced efficiency in the machining processes.

Repeatable Quality

Thanks to adaptive tool compensation and virtual programming techniques, SIR robots guarantee constant and repeatable finished quality, compensating for variations between the actual piece and the nominal model.

Modular Solutions

The patented toolholder module, able to house grinding wheels, discs, milling cutters, belt-polishers, supported by automatic tools changing system and magazine, makes the solution completely flexible and able to produce small batches.

Safety and Environment

With scraps collection and dust extraction system, SIR cells are fully compliant with occupational health and safety legislation.

Functional Characteristics

  • Multifunction tool module
  • Adaptive tool compensation
  • Virtual Programming

Battery Tray Deburring

Cutting and deburring operations of aluminum battery tray cases by using modular solutions.
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Brake Callipers Cutting and Deburring

In the manufacturing process of aluminum brake calipers, cutting and deburring operations are carried out with great precision using modular solutions that include a wide range of specialized tools. These tools include highly efficient cutting disks, sharp blades, sophisticated spindles, and advanced pneumatic systems. What sets these tools apart is the presence of passive compensation…
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Giga Casting Trim and Deburring

Robotic operation of cutting the sprues by using plasma flashlights.
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Motor Block and Head Deburring

Cutting and deburring operations of aluminum engine heads and crankcases using modular solutions.
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Structural part and subframe trim and deburring

Loading/unloading of blanking and/or sprue-removal units and subsequent deburring by anthropomorphic robots.
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