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Welding represents the first field of application for robotics and still plays a crucial role, especially in the automotive sector. Sir’s welding lines are typically of a mixed type, meaning they include additional functions such as assembly or palletization in addition to the actual spot or wire welding operation, covering various production stages of the product with a high level of integration. Generally, these lines are oriented towards small batches production with automatic reconfiguration of the line for each batch change. This ensures high flexibility while maintaining the usual product quality and repeatability characteristics.

Turn-Key Solutions

From the equipment design to the stations construction, by way of any secondary processes such as components riveting, screwing or gluing: SIR solutions are a small factory within the factory.

Simplified Programming

The use of modern software simulators makes program writing quick and safe, optimising the robots’ working area and operation final cycle

Total Control

Modern measurement systems for checking workpiece dimensions are combined with three-dimensional inspection of welding beads and spots. Objective, reliable, total quality control.

Functional Characteristics

  • Dedicated equipment
  • Functional integration
  • Virtual programming
  • Metrological and quality inspection


The possibility of having extremely varied know-how, derived from the countless applications installed, allows Sir to make a horizontal transposition of methods and technologies from sector to sector and from one production stage to another, while still maintaining the targets of efficiency flexibility and high quality.
This is also true for the general industry sector, especially for processes related to assembly and welding such as welding and assembly of rollers for earth-moving machines, assembly of non-e-mobility electric motors, assembly of compressors in the field of white goods, assembly of convector heaters, assembly and welding for vertical warehouse drawers, assembly of solid-liquid separators.
In addition, Sir proposes process operations on metals and components made of plastic or carbon fiber, such as helmets or other accessories.

Auger Welding

Robotic cells capable of processing different lengths and diameters, without time losses at changeover.
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Welding of Drawers for Automatic Warehouses

Spot welding of drawers for automatic warehouses using robotic lines.
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Automation in the automotive world has always been the core business of Sir, which throughout its history has designed and built robotic lines and cells capable of covering the entire production chain of typical components for a modern car.
The industry-specific requirements imposed by the automotive sector in terms of quality repeatability, now comparable to those required in the aeronautics industry,
with extremely short cycle times and near 100% efficiency, make automotive the most demanding testing ground for modern robotics.
In this context, Sir has developed comprehensive solutions characterized by a high level of integration.
These solutions range from processing raw cast components and cores to handling them during the loading and unloading of machine tools, from finishing processes after the initial machining to final assembly operations and palletization.

Frame and Half-Frame Welding

Wire welding of complete automotive chassis for low-production cars, combined with riveting and bonding operations.
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